The Cafe

From fresh cut vegetables to delicious cookies, from low carb bars to candy bars, the Cafe is always a great place to recharge your day. We have everything you need for a full continental breakfast, plus all of the other goodies you like throughout the day.  Your attendees are sure to be awed by the variety, quality, and quantity of items available. We're fanatical about our coffees and teas, There's no need  to plan break times we're always here. 

Get to Work

Free high speed wireless... 'nuf said. There are several small offices available to anyone for a quick one-on-one or a private call. There are computers available in the lobbies just to check in or print off a boarding pass. Need copies? We'll provide 200 free copies a day. Each room has a kit filled with office supplies that you might need, and the front desk carries a wide variety of items "just in case."


We've teamed with Catering Works to provide you with great lunches that can be adjusted to suit any needs. We've worked with them for years and we love how timely, efficient, and professional they are... and they make delicious food!